In this article, we delve into the longer-term price action of Bitcoin (BTC) and analyze the top-performing cryptocurrencies from last week. BTC’s price has historically respected the Bollinger band moving average as a zone of support and resistance. By examining these patterns, we can gain insights into potential price trends. Additionally, we explore the recent performance of Carver, Bitcoin SV, Lido Finance, Una, Leo, and Rocketpool, discussing the factors that have influenced their market performance.

Analyzing BTC’s Price Action:

BTC’s weekly price movements have shown a historical tendency to respect the Bollinger band moving average, indicating areas of support and resistance. Currently, this moving average sits at around $24,000. If BTC’s weekly price falls below this level, it suggests a potential for lower lows. Conversely, if it stays above this level, it could indicate the possibility of another rally. For a more in-depth analysis, we recommend checking out trading expert, who provides detailed insights into BTC’s price action.

Performance of Last Week’s Top Cryptos:

  1. Carver (CVR): Carver coin experienced a price pump following the release of a new roadmap focusing on evm compatibility, adoption, security, and governance. However, Carver’s long-term price action appears abysmal, and its shorter-term performance faces significant resistance around the $1 level. A reversal in the coming days would not be surprising.
  2. Bitcoin SV (BSV): BSV’s coin price saw a pump due to the bloat on the original Bitcoin blockchain. However, Bitcoin SV’s long-term price action is in a clear downtrend that shows no signs of reversing.
  3. Lido Finance (LDO): LDO token rallied on the approval of the liquid staking protocol’s V2 upgrade, expected to take place soon. The upgrade allows holders of Lido staked ETH to unstake. However, a sell-off might occur as Lido is the second-largest staking pool on the beacon chain, and the price action suggests a potential rejection at the key resistance zone around $2.
  4. Una: Una’s price action is difficult to analyze as it is Bitfinex’s exchange token. Its performance ultimately depends on Bitfinex’s activities and trading volume. The recent market volatility likely increased trading volumes among Bitfinex whales.
  5. Leo: Leo’s price action is tied to Bitfinex, and its performance is influenced by the exchange’s trading activities. Market volatility may have impacted trading volumes among Bitfinex users.
  6. Rocketpool (RPL): RPL token did not experience a significant rally, with only a 1% gain. No specific catalyst could explain this minimal increase. RPL appears to be ready for a short-term correction. However, it remains in a medium-term uptrend, which could continue as long as liquid staking for ETH remains popular.


Understanding BTC’s price action and analyzing the performance of top cryptocurrencies from last week provides valuable insights for investors and traders. BTC’s historical respect for the Bollinger band moving average suggests potential support and resistance levels. The performance of Carver, Bitcoin SV, Lido Finance, Una, Leo, and Rocketpool can be influenced by various factors, including roadmaps, network upgrades, and trading activities. Staying informed about market trends and conducting thorough research is crucial when navigating the dynamic crypto market.